What’s Krav Maga?

Founded and formulated by Emrich “Imi” Lichtenfeld (Sde-Or) in Israel in the 1940s, Krav Maga (Contact Combat) is a practical and tactical system that teaches how to prevent, deal and overcome all kinds of violence and attacks, training individuals in self-defence, self-protection, fighting and combat skills, skills to defend others; all through a unique and comprehensive teaching method.

Krav Maga is a horizontal system with several advantages:

⦁ Logical in its approach
⦁ Easy to learn and retain
⦁ Performed naturally and intuitively
⦁ Practically in application
⦁ Useful under stressful conditions

A critical part of Krav Maga are its teaching process, methodology and ways of training which include:
⦁ Prevention, avoidance, escape, and evasion
⦁ Dealing with throws and falls in all directions and angles
⦁ Attacks and counterattacks, performed on all
⦁ Targets
⦁ Distances
⦁ Ranges
⦁ Heights
⦁ Angles
⦁ Directions
⦁ Rhythms
These can be executed from all positions and postures
⦁ Usage of all sorts of common objects for defensive purposes
⦁ Defending against all unarmed attacks like:
⦁ Punches
⦁ Strikes
⦁ Kicks
⦁ Releases from all sorts of:
⦁ Grabs
⦁ Holds
⦁ Chokes
⦁ Defending against all armed attacks and threats like:
⦁ Knives and sharp objects
⦁ Sticks and bars
⦁ Blunt objects
⦁ All kind of firearms
⦁ Dealing with all kinds of attacks from all possible directions and places
⦁ Defense against attacks in various spaces, positions, and postures such as:
⦁ In confined or open areas
⦁ In alleys or lanes
⦁ On staircases
⦁ In a car
⦁ On all types of grounds
⦁ In water
⦁ In free or in limited space of movement
⦁ While standing
⦁ On the move
⦁ While sitting down
⦁ While lying down on the back, side or facing down
⦁ Defense against attacks by a single individual or multiple attackers
⦁ Physical and mental control and disarming
⦁ Functioning in all
⦁ Circumstances and scenarios
⦁ Combat and fighting environments
⦁ Requirements, needs, and risks
⦁ Job descriptions and lifestyles
⦁ Enables and brings technical, tactical, physical and mental growth and improvements
Krav Maga is highly customizable in its approaches, tactics, techniques, subjects, drills and training methods for various different sectors and lifestyles, readily catering to the requirements of:
⦁ Civilians (men, women, and children of all ages)
⦁ Law enforcement officers
⦁ Correction service officers and wardens
⦁ Military personnel and units
⦁ Security officers
⦁ Close Protection Officers (CPOs)
⦁ Undercover agents
⦁ Antiterrorists units
⦁ Air Marshals
⦁ Special Forces and commando units

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