Combat and Life Skills : Vicky Kapoor

Since the very beginning, human progress has been determined by necessity and the resulting innovation or invention. Initially, it led to the development of various hunting and combat techniques which were used for both food gathering and territorial defence. As mankind settled into societies, norms, traditions and regulations were created to maintain decorum. But various differences and clashes between individuals and groups fuelled the need for personal protection, resulting in the creation of traditional martial arts.

These martial arts not only enabled a person to defend oneself, it also instilled a sense of discipline and responsibility in an individual. However, they took a very long time to master and eventually were relegated to the sphere of contact sports, creating the need for a system that was efficient, effective, adaptive, scientific and simple. That’s what led to the Shatrunashak fighting system, based on the Israeli combat system, Krav Maga. It allows the practitioner to understand one’s physical ability and mental prowess to conquer battles alone, while paying attention to the rules of survival and life.

The principles of this fighting system have evolved through years of research and practice across traditional martial sciences by global masters and battle-tested in diverse conditions, gauging adaptability as per the body type, muscular build and cardio-vascular capacity of the inhabitants. The Shatrunashak system is:

  • Precise
  • Scientific
  • Adaptive
  • Battle-tested
  • Simple
  • Effective
  • Efficient

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