Our Training Philosophy

At International Ultimate Krav Maga Federation – Shatrunashak System, we believe that those who believe in the disciplines of fitness and training must truly experience the wonders of Krav Maga through experiential learning and exercises. The customised programmes are directed at fulfilling the following needs of its practitioners and exponents:


  • Internal and External well being
  • Practicing and training with people coming together for the common purpose of learning an advanced survival skill
  • Achieving physical health and mental resilience to any ill-treatment or man-handling or violence
  • Psychological benefits of motivating a person to exceed limitations and achieve milestones in daily routines
  • Developing a competitive spirit in individuals to meet individual and specific goals


  • Functionality, agility and strength
  • Extremely effective for bodily development and strength building
  • Focusing on a wide range of exercises providing the base for comprehensive development of the body
  • Developing motor units of muscles to be useful in realistic combat situations
  • Training in technique oriented practice for better results in situations of attacks or assaults
  • Building muscle memory to bring about higher and faster reflexes, and rapid movement


  • Training individuals from all walks of life in defending oneself from any derogatory assault or attack
  • Psychologically impacting the developing delivery of a being and nourishes the nature of a true fighter from within
  • The Skill set Krav Maga also propagates is based upon the ability to protect oneself and their near and dear ones as well
  • The benefits of Krav Maga are extended to their personas and create a sense of heightened awareness

Core Principles

  • Aim to target your opponent’s weak points
  • Develop quick and powerful responses
  • Speed and technique are important than strength
  • Acquiring and building skills for real-life-situations
  • Repetition is crucial for retention of techniques
  • Simplicity and effectiveness in approach
  • Krav Maga adjusts to your abilities and strengths
  • Minimal fighting and maximum impact
  • Stay on your feet in any scenario
  • Krav Maga is an ever-changing and evolving set of techniques

Training Technique

  • How to prevent, avoid, escape, and evade situations of conflict
  • Learning how to fall and roll to reduce injury through impact on ground
  • Attacking and counter-attacking skills, using the hands, legs, feet, arms and head
  • Techniques to defend against unarmed attacks like kicks, strikes and throws
  • Defence against different grabs of body and clothing
  • Techniques of defence against sharp objects, sticks and other blunt objects.
  • How to defend yourself when on the ground
  • How to deal with multiple attackers
  • How to defend during Third Party Protection